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The Principles of Risk and Testing

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    In my previous article, I addressed and explained my belief that testing is risk management in a very pure sense.  I set out how the basic stages of risk management map to testing activities. I also said I would continue to delve into risk management to see if it has lessons to teach testing. This is likely. From my experience of risk management, it is a little more mature in some of its practices and approaches.

    In this article I am going to review the first principle of risk management. We will see how it aligns to principles, objectives, or practices in testing and if there are lessons to learn. This is a continuation of my investigation into the link between testing and risk management – am I right in saying that they are one and the same? It is a first chance to identify areas where lessons could be learned. Methods or techniques to address those lessons will be the topic of future articles.

    In considering the risk management principles I must keep in mind their characteristics. They are:

    • Universal – apply to every organisation.
    • Self-Validating – have been proven in practice.
    • Empowering – give the practitioner confidence.

    Any testing activity or principle which I suggest parallels a risk management principle must meet these criteria. It must be applicable in any project, commonly accepted and give clear guidance to the tester which can be explained to a stakeholder.

    Principle 1: Aligns with objectives.

    Principle 1: Aligns with objectivesRisk management aligns continually with organisational objectives.

    The key indicators of this principle are:

    Indicator A

    Indicator A:         The organisation must pay close attention to understanding objectives so that balance can be achieved between maximising opportunities and minimizing threats.

    Indicator B

    Indicator B:         The amount of risk that an organisation is willing to take and the associated amount of risk management that is carried out must align to objectives. To do this an organisation should determine its risk capacity and risk appetite.

    Indicator C

    Indicator C:         A key aspect of successful risk management is the shared understanding between stakeholders that risk is dynamic not static. …risk management must be a repetitive process that anticipates and is responsive to change…

    Read more about the Indicators on the original post at:

    Risk and Testing Conclusion

    In summary – management of risk principle one does seem to map clearly to testing, further supporting the argument that testing and risk management are the same. It also seems to highlight some weaknesses that are carried in our commonly shared materials around how to engage with stakeholders to the benefit of both them and testing teams.

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