Dr. Dennis Gross Clarifying Colloidal Sulfur Mask,1er Pack (1 x 50 ml)

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  • What is It? A dermatologist formulated mask that clarifies the skin by absorbing excess oil and acne-causing bacteria. The advanced ?time absorbent? formula works especially well when worn overnight. Who is it for? Anyone looking to reduce pore size, minimize blackheads and enhance overall clarity of skin. Excellent for oily and combination skin types. Why is it different? Dr. Dennis Gross masterfully formulated this acne medication which can be worn for 10 minutes, or as an overnight mask and washed off in the morning. How Do I Use It? Cleanse skin thoroughly before applying and apply a thin layer to the affected area one to three times daily. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse. May be worn overnight & washed off in morning. Suitable for use on face, chest and back. If bothersome dryness or peeling occurs, reduce frequency of application. Benefits: ? Treats Acne, Blackheads, and Larger Pores with Colloidal Sulfur ? Absorbs Excess Oil with Bentonite ? Calms Redness & Irritation with Prickly Pear

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